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Poot! Poot! Hooray!

Next year (2019) I will be a published picture book author. It took me two years to find my voice and create a book worthy of a place on the Orchard list. But I did it and it's happening, and it's err... a little on the windy side. I know, I know, but I just couldn't help myself. What can I say? I'm a fartophile (And if that's not a real condition it should be!)

I had ideas about illustrating it myself. But when I saw: A) how tough it is and what talent is required, and B) how brilliant Matt Hunts test sketches were, I backed my 'I wanna be a picture book illustrator' truck right up.

And while I have you here I'd like to make a point. The funny thing about picture books is the assumption that, because they are short, they must be easy/easier to write. Poppy-cock is all I am going to say. It's hard work telling a story in just 800 words; giving it a clear voice, a strong beginning, middle and end. If you don't believe me try.

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