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I really enjoy visiting schools and inspiring children. I offer talks on both my middle-grade series, PESTS and Diary Of Pig. These are energetic one hour sessions, were I talk about my inspirations, my work and involve the children in some activities. Be that drawing or taking part in a quiz. As someone who struggles with dyslexia and has two dyslexic children I am keen to impress upon children that these difficulties (should they suffer them) should not hold them back. 

I love doing online sessions. They are lots of fun and easy for everyone. They are very much like my 'in-real-life' visits, only I'll be sitting down, not prancing around like a big bannana. Have a look at the film bellow to give you an idea of what you'll be getting.


‘Emer is the best! Such a fun session, and her outfit was AMAZING.  Had a lovely day with her, it was our last day of the Festival in North Tyneside Libraries and what a high to end on.’ Rachel, Festival Organiser NCBF.

‘Emer's session was really engaging for the children, particularly the quiz. I think that she inspired those keen writers to be creative in their writing.’  
K Hart, Year 6 teacher.

‘The session was well-structured and thought out. The children enjoyed it and liked the quiz element.’
 Year 6 teaching assistant.

‘Emer was absolutely fabulous!  What a lovely end to the half term.’  
 J Atkinson, Deputy Head.

‘Emer was fabulous, really engaging, the session was broken into short sections to keep children interested.’
 Z Mitchell, English Lead.

If you would like to book me then please visit Authors Abroad 

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