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Does Emer really

have a tash?

No, but as she gets older she fears that it is becoming more and more possible.


Does Emer have pets?

She has two young children, does that count? Oh, and she also has some very pretty fish. She wishes she could take them out of their tank and pet them, but she knows this would be a BAD idea!


Does Emer have examples
of her advertising work?

Yes, she does. Click here to see examples of work she and her wonderful (now-ex) copywriter Ben Tollett created.


No, she has dyed it since she was 25. Colours have included: red, black, blue, pink, white and orange. So far none of it has fallen out.

Does Emer know what colour her hair really is?


Did Emer study

English and get all A's?

No, and no. Emer did GCSE English and got two B's. She did not carry the subject any further. She struggles with spelling and punctuation. Proof you don't need to be an english boffin to be an author!


Does Emer have any hobbies?

Emer loves yoga and playing the banjo. She also enjoys kite surfing, but she finds this hard
to do as she lives in the
middle of London.


Emer has two agents. For all things book
she is represented by James Catchpole
at The Catchpole Agency.

For all things screen she is represented by Rebecca Watson and Valerie Hoskins Asc.

Does Emer have an agent?

Does Emer do talks?

She sure does. She has done numerous school visits as well as appeared at all
the major litterary festivals.

If you would like to talk to her about appearing at your festival or visiting your school or library click here to contact her publicist. 

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