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I am proud to not only be an author but an illustrator too. 
I believe that funny books matter, and are a key motivator in getting children to enjoy reading. In 2018 'The Big Fat Totally Bonkers Diary of Pig' was voted the funniest book of the year by the LOLLIES (laugh-out-loud book awards). 
I love animals and am fascinated by the natural world. So, if you are looking for a humerous book, packed-full of all creatures great and small, then you have come to the right place!


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THE DIARIES OF PIG (7-9 years)
Meet Pig and his best friend Duck. Together they adventure through his four diaries facing down evil chickens, evil kitties and evil farmers. The books have won many accolades as well as being recommended by parents with children reluctant to read or with reading difficulties. Click on each book to find out more about the story inside.

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PESTS (7-9 years)
Meet Stix, a plucky young mouse up to no good. He's a pupil at P.E.S.T.S. - a school pesty creatures go to learn how to be the best at being the worst. Here he and his best friend Batz (a bat), must overcomed all manner for dangerous foe.
The books each feature over 100 illustrations and are perfect for children who enjoy the pictures as much as the words. Click on a cover to find out more about the story inside.

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DADDY FARTYPANTS (0-100 years)
Daddy Fartypants is a very windy bear and worst of all he never owns up
. Instead he blames it on everyone one around him. This picture book promises lols from start to finish. With over 700 five star reviews on Amazon you can't go wrong with this toot-tactic read. Click on the book to find out more
about the story inside.


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