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Don't mess with me!

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

I am often asked what hobbies I have. It's hard to have many when you work full time and have two small children. But, I do have one passion. One thing I always find an hour a week to practice. And that's boxing. I know... it's not really something you would expect an author to love - whittling spoons, or playing the flute seem a better fit I imagine. But not for me

I like the sticky, sweaty atmosphere of the boxing gym. I've been training once a week for about 7 years. My trainer tells me I've got a hard punch. Not that I ever plan on using it. I really don't think (or hope) it's a skill I will need in my job.

Though boxing may look like it's all about hitting stuff, it's actually way more than that. It teaches incredible discipline and self belief. It is also, in a strange way, very meditative. When you are in the moment, facing down a jab, cross, hook combination, or indeed trying to put one in, there is nothing else to think about; the worries of the world (will I ever write another book again? Am I actually any good?) reseed.

So, there you have it. I am a boxing author - I imagine one of not many. And here is a film of me in action. I made this in support of the Booktrust's Pyjamarama day - hence the strange attire.

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